Do you know the misunderstanding of these exhaust gas modifications?


For those who know the car or do not understand the car, an atmospheric exhaust pipe or a sophisticated exhaust system is considered a very good modification. It can make a car instantly show its super appeal. In addition, when the conversion industry involves the modification of the power part, then the modification of the exhaust is usually considered to be inevitable.

Replacing a vehicle with a higher performance intake and exhaust system allows the engine to draw multiple rows of air to enhance power. Compared with foreign modification, domestic modified car enthusiasts prefer to modify and improve the exhaust system. I think the reason for this is that the modified exhaust pipe and the sound of the sound are quite a preference of the domestic people. Now walking on the street, from time to time, you will hear the sound of exhausting the air, giving the listener a feeling of height. Unconsciously, I will think of modification. It can be seen that the modified exhaust system is very common in the modified car industry, so today we will talk about the misunderstandings of people in the modified exhaust system.



Misunderstanding 1: The original car exhaust performance is relatively poor

Many people think that between the modification of the exhaust system, the original exhaust performance is much worse than the modified. In fact, because the original exhaust system used by the original manufacturer has been tested by professional equipment, the vehicle's power performance and environmental performance and fuel have been greatly coordinated. It is a product designed after many data integrations. For example, a small displacement car with weak power, the original exhaust gas is generally not too smooth, because this design can solve the low torque of the small displacement engine itself, and the exhaust resonance effect can be generated by proper return. It is more suitable for use on city roads. And after the exhaust system that we have modified, we hope that the exhaust gas will achieve a lot of problems, such as the stability of power performance and the problem of increased fuel.




Myth 2: The louder the sound, the bigger the horsepower

For the exhaust system, the part responsible for eliminating the noise is in the exhaust tail section or the middle section. It is only a simple modification of the exhaust duct to achieve a good sound wave effect, and does not improve the power performance. The reason is very simple. The exhaust gas from the engine passes through the exhaust manifold, the three-way catalytic converter, and then reaches the middle section of the exhaust pipe to reduce resonance** to the tail silencer. Therefore, before the exhaust tail section, each component will form a resistance to the exhaust gas, so it is not a large horsepower to say that the sound is large. Just changing the exhaust pipe at the end will not affect the power performance, even if it is small, it can be ignored. As long as the entire exhaust pipe is replaced by a high-performance exhaust pipe, it will have a very large impact on the power performance, especially after the intake system has been replaced with high performance.

In addition, remind the majority of modified car enthusiasts, do not easily believe that the skills of the S drums produced by the unknown small workshops improve the efficiency without losing the low twist. Some cars modified with S drums are even worse than the original ones.




Misunderstanding 3: The thicker the exhaust pipe, the better the exhaust gas pressure is as low as possible.

Friends who don't know much about the exhaust system know that the reason for the exhaust performance in the vehicle exhaust system is back pressure, and the level of back pressure can change the dynamic performance of the engine. So is the lower the back pressure, the better the power performance? The answer is definitely no. If the back pressure is too low, the low-velocity exhaust will be too smooth, and the airflow speed will be slow, which will affect the low-speed exhaust efficiency, and the low-speed torque output will decrease, and the power will be reduced.

Recognizing the above three misunderstandings, the conclusion is that you must make necessary modifications according to your driving habits. You must not pursue unilateral factors for modification.

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