Car maintenance and repair Why should the car be modified?


1. Why should I modify the exhaust?

A: Because the original car's exhaust is a spacer type, which limits the car's sound and horsepower. The modified exhaust is straight through, the sound changes, and the horsepower is improved according to the pipe type. At the same time, the exhaust of the original car is iron, easy to rust, broken, and the modified exhaust is made of stainless steel.

2. What are the drum types for the modified exhaust, what is the sound?

A: The modified exhaust is divided into S drum, street drum, HKS type, M drum.

S drum: Mainly improve the starting horsepower, the sound is low, bigger than the original car. Street drum: comprehensively improve the horsepower of the car, the sound of the street drum can be made into a sports car sound or back pressure,

HKS type: directly improve the middle and high turning horsepower, the sound is like a racing car, just like the legendary sound heard before the car. Workmanship and imports are comparable.

M drum: variable back pressure drum, known as the Austrian fox head, the tail drum body paint, very high-end. The sound is very quiet, only a little louder than the original car, and the sound is low. The overall improvement of horsepower is to modify the high-end goods in the exhaust.

3. Why do people say that the S drum runs at high speed and has resonance.

A: In fact, the S drum is the tail of the back pressure drum, the sound is low, the starting horsepower is good, the exhaust is smoother when running at high speed, and there is no resonance phenomenon in the real vehicle test.

4. Why do all the models change the same tail exhaust, and the effect is different?

A: The same model is modified to select the S drum. If one of them is changed to the whole section and the other is only changed to the tail section, the effect is definitely good for the entire section of the exhaust, because there is no ternary limit in the whole section, and the whole section is modified. The gas volume is larger and smoother, so the effect is even better.

5. What is the original exhaust?

A: The exhaust produced by our factory is produced according to the original model. The position and the bent pipe are the same as the original car. Some models are produced according to the chassis position and can be installed.

6, my car exhaust is a middle-tailed body, how to change?

A: The modified exhaust can be divided into the middle section and the tail section, which can be changed separately. To change the tail section, the tail section of the original car should be cut off, and the modified exhaust should be put on, and the sleeve should be tightened by the form of the upper buckle. If the middle tail is better, the installation is more convenient.

7. Why is the exhaust tail section of my car more expensive than other cars?

A: For the end of individual models, it is longer than other models, and some additional costs are required. Such as Cherokee, Zotye models.

8. If my car is surrounded, how can I look at the exhaust pipe tail section?

A: The exhaust produced by our factory, the tail part of most models is active, and the buckle is tightened, so that the customer can control the length by himself and achieve the appearance of **.

9. What is a swallowtail?

A: The swallowtail is based on the original car drum. It leads the tube from the drum to the other side of the rear bar and achieves the effect of one tail.

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