Chinese pride CGW signing 2017GT Show


 In recent years, the development of car modification has developed rapidly, and the brand of change has sprung up. Under the situation that foreign countries continue to enter the domestic market, there are also outstanding independent brands in China, and CGW is one of the best. This time, the 2017 Suzhou GT Show conference was successfully held, and CGW exhaust was officially signed with GT Show.

CGW officially signed 2017 Suzhou GT Show

Speaking of CGW, in the eyes of many users, this is a fairly cost-effective brand. CGW has a reasonable price, and its excellent product quality is also the characteristics of this brand. Since its establishment in 2009, CGW exhaust has had a very high domestic market share in the past 6 years, and has established a good reputation in the hearts of car owners. This is inseparable from the continuous development of CGW. Innovation and strict quality management.

CGW brand LOGO

CGW has consistently adhered to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build a first-line brand of China's exhaust gas modification, and in the implementation of this concept, CGW in the development of exhaust products and products A lot of control is invested, and it is expected to bring high-quality exhaust products to domestic consumers.

CGW participated in the major remodeling exhibitions

At the GT Show next year, the CGW booth will be located at booths C1-43 and C1-44. CGW's pride as a national brand will not disappoint you!

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