CGW develops titanium alloy variable valve exhaust for Chinese people


In the modification of power boost, the exhaust modification can be said to be * simple and fast. A well-performing exhaust system not only enhances power, but also provides a deep driving experience that provides additional driving pleasure for the owner. In addition, the excellent appearance of the exhaust can also improve the visual effect of the whole vehicle.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

CGW exhaust brand booth

At the Beijing Auto Show, CGW was invited as a domestic first-line exhaust brand. Since its inception in 2009, CGW has had a very high market share in China in just 6 years, and its mirroring rate in the modified circle is very high. Under the leadership of Wu Gang, the CGW brand team adheres to the concept of “Chinese people's own modified brand”, with all the brands as the core, and determined to build China* professional exhaust modification brand.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

Sexy beauty car model

It has advanced CNC bending equipment, CNC parts machining and other equipment, and has professional designers and many technical personnel to carry out product research and development.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气
CGW exhaust nozzle is wrapped in carbon fiberCGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

CGW variable valve exhaust

Not only is the product development and design level extremely high, but the material selection of its products is also very elegant. Its exhaust products are made of standard industrial SUS304 stainless steel (used in medical, food, ship and other safety requirements), compared with ordinary stainless steel, its corrosion resistance is stronger, to ensure long-term stability under high temperature and high pressure environment. Based on the stainless steel material, the advanced surface blasting treatment not only increases the metal texture, but also enhances the corrosion resistance of the exhaust gas in a hostile environment. More high-end titanium alloy exhaust products are more resistant to corrosion and higher strength than stainless steel exhaust.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

Titanium alloy variable valve exhaust

At the modified auto show, CGW brought its titanium alloy variable exhaust valve exhaust products. The valve body of the product including variable valve is made of titanium alloy, and the titanium alloy pipe body is also bent by bending equipment to avoid the decrease of strength caused by welding and splicing. The exhaust nozzle is also wrapped in carbon fiber, which improves the visual effect of the whole vehicle.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

Ford Mustang modified with CGW exhaust

CGW variable valve exhaust can control the opening and closing of the exhaust valve according to the different engine speed, and realize the control of the back pressure in the exhaust system. With the sensitive cooperation of the variable valve, the engine can run smoothly under various working conditions, and the *good power output is maintained all the time. When the engine is turned high, the valve is opened, which ensures the exhaust air is smooth, and the powerful exhaust sound is generated, which brings full driving pleasure to the owner.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气
Valve opening and closing controller and wireless controller

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

CGW employees introduce exhaust products to riders

In daily driving, if you want to keep "low-key", the owner can also manually intervene the valve status through the wireless controller to control the valve to open or close.

CGW 为国人研发钛合金可变阀门排气

CGW brand leader Wu Gang

After 6 years of development, CGW exhaust brand has been adhering to the "technology to open up the market, service to establish an image." The products cover all parts of the country, and the exhaust products developed cover most middle and high-end models. The production process and technical level of the products have reached the domestic leading water products, which are favored by the riders.

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