The city will play, CGW live demonstration app control valve!


The three-day China International Automobile Upgrade and Refit Exhibition and the UTS modified auto show were grandly opened at the Wuhan International Expo Center on June 18. This UTS refit exhibition attracted many well-known car refit brands from all over the world. These brands have gathered together to bring a mid-western-scale car modification feast for the modified car enthusiasts. The exhibition aims to build a cultural and cultural circle for the transformation of the Midwest, and promote the development of China's automobile modification industry towards industrialization and internationalization.

UTS Refit Exhibition CGW Exhaust Booth

At this year's Wuhan UTS Refit Exhibition, many domestically-made refit brands have appeared, not only for the Midwest modified stores and fans to bring high-quality modified components, but also brought great pride to the people. The domestically modified exhaust system has always been at the forefront of the --- CGW, is such a brand.

On-site professional audience consult CGW exhaust products

Speaking of the CGW exhaust brand, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. CGW is the abbreviation of China Great Wall, which symbolizes the quality and the great spirit of the Chinese nation's self-improvement. CGW has always adhered to the concept of “Chinese people's own modified brand” since its establishment, and all of them take the brand as the core and determined to build China's exhaust. Modified the first-line brand.

Fan friends and CMW booth BMW M4 show car photo

M4 show car modified CGW exhaust system

In the eyes of many users, this is a very cost-effective brand. At the same time, CGW has a reasonable price, and its excellent product quality is also the characteristics of this brand. Since its establishment in 2009, CGW exhaust has had a very high market share in the past seven years, and has established a good reputation in the hearts of car owners, all of which are inseparable from CGW in production. Based on good product quality, it is conditional on continuous innovation and cost-free investment in research and development. It adopts standard industrial SUS304 stainless steel material and precision welding to ensure the long-term stability of exhaust gas in high temperature and high pressure environment. Excellent performance and thick sound waves are the charm of CGW exhaust. However, today it is more representative of the CGW brand's powerful innovation. At this UTS refit exhibition, CGW brings a more technologically-sound valve control system to the independently developed mobile app. - CGW, you can control the sound of your car through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Mobile phone exhaust intelligent control app-CGW
OFF--valve closed

ON--valve open state

Mobile app control valve live demo view, please click here

Product close-up

In addition, at this UTS refit exhibition, CGW brought you a variety of models of its own exhaust system, including the first section, mid-end section, tail Tsui and other products, the elegant BMW M4 show car also attracted many viewers to take a group photo .

CGW team team (third from left is Mr. Wu Gang)

For this UTS modified auto show, Mr. Wu Gang, the head of CGW, gave a very high praise. Mr. Wu Gang said that the UTS modified exhibition has great significance for the promotion of the Midwestern refit market, which indirectly promotes the development of the Midwestern refit culture. . At present, the Midwestern refit atmosphere in the domestic market is still not as good as that in South China and East China. However, every year when you come to Wuhan, you will see the continuous improvement of the culture. The development potential of the Midwest market requires UTS and many other organizations and organizations to work together. Inspired, I believe that when the Midwestern refit culture will catch up with other regions, the world will be shoulder to shoulder.

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