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Whistling coupe, new C-class Coupe, CGW tail exhaust


Whistling coupe, new C-class Coupe, CGW tail exhaust

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For the old Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe, many fans do not seem to buy it. As a coupe, it lacks sufficient appeal in terms of shape design and performance. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz quickly introduced the new C-Class Coupe 200, Coupe 300 and Coupe 200 4MATIC.

The two-door four-seat coupe has a new look, with a sleek shape, a borderless door, and a diamond mesh. The body lines are full and smooth, and the heartstrings are swayed in an elegant posture; the diamond mesh has an atmospheric luxury texture, which makes people feel at ease. Every detail of the whole car is an interpretation of the noble and loyalty that Mercedes-Benz should have. * Surprisingly, the new C-class Coupe 200 4MATIC, not only replaced with a new generation of 9-speed gearbox, but also equipped with Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC four-wheel drive system, with 2.0T engine, ** power 135KW, ** torque is 300N.m It can be said to be both internal and external.

  Mercedes-Benz's new C-class Coupe can be said to be closer to the positioning of its coupe, but to experience the super-moving whistling, leaving no trace, but also rely on the power of modification. The modification of the exhaust gas is more common than the primary one. Modification of the exhaust can not only improve the temperament and performance, but also enjoy the more exciting sound. Today brought the case of the new C-class Coupe owners to upgrade the tail section of the CGW.

  CGW (CHINA GREAT WALL China Great Wall) is a domestic high-performance exhaust modification brand, founded by Shanghai Hao Li Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This is a research and development enterprise specializing in the production and sales of high-performance exhaust systems for Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other models. It currently has advanced bending, machining, drum making and welding equipment. The production process, technical level and service quality of the products have reached the domestic leading level.


CGW was born in 2008 and is a well-known one among the current independent exhaust brands. CGW pays attention to the balance between exhaust sound and efficiency, meticulous workmanship and high cost performance, which is trusted and recognized by fans.

The original C-class Coupe's original exhaust is a single-sided single-out style, low-key elegance, lacking a bit of personality. Shanghai Haoli Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specially developed a CGW bilateral four-out tail section exhaust for the new C-class Coupe, making its tail shape more sharp and dynamic, showing personality and extraordinary. The exhaust tail is carefully wrapped with carbon fiber, which matches the matte effect of the whole shot peening, which improves the visual grade and texture of the whole car.

 The CGW mid-end exhaust body is made of superior SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel, and the surface is bright and corrosion resistant. In combination with the metal matte process, the pipe wall is smooth and transparent, and the texture is extraordinary. The entire exhaust connection position is welded by pure manual scales, which provides long-lasting stability even in high temperature and high pressure environments.

 CGW brand exhaust is based on good product quality. Each product development has been carefully calculated and tested by the CGW team to achieve dynamic sound quality and good power release. In the new C-class Coupe, the tail section exhaust is designed in the middle section of the pipeline, so as to reduce the number of corners to make the exhaust more smooth and direct. The muffler is set in the middle section, and the back pressure pipe is set in the tail section. The low twist is well preserved. While gaining strong momentum, the sound is also more sturdy and fascinating, causing adrenaline to soar!

 In terms of installation, the CGW's mid-end section exhaust is accurately measured by the original C-stage Coupe original pipe position, which is in complete agreement with the original installation position. Time saving, labor saving and convenient installation。

CGW's new C-class Coupe exhausts the tail section, so that the car's power performance is fully released. The original installation position can save you time and effort. The bilateral four-out style is a weapon to improve temperament and personality. If you are interested in this exhaust, you can contact us by the following methods.


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