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Attack on S7 Audi A7 changed to CGW mid-end exhaust


Audi is one of the long-established automakers in German history and is an international luxury car brand. With the continuous advancement of the times, Audi is also appearing more and more in our lives, bringing more fashionable sports genes. The Audi A7 is a sporty luxury Coupe coupe between the C-Class and the D-Class. It combines performance and comfort, and is the target of fans.


The new Audi A7 and S7 are listed at the same time. In terms of appearance, the difference between the two is small. They belong to the four-door coupe. The S7 is not a heavy-duty car. It belongs to the high-performance coupe but is relatively small, and the price of the S7. It is slightly higher than the A7, so many drivers who want to start the A7 but want to try the S7 will be modified.

The A7 follows a classic design with a signature, slip-back shape and smooth side lines. It is equipped with a burst of technology-inspired matrix LED headlights, while matching the artistic snowflake 5-spoke rim. In terms of power, the A7 is equipped with 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TFSI engines, of which 2.0T engine ** power is 185kW, peak torque is 370N•m, and the power performance is good. However, the exhaust of the A7 has been upgraded from a circular shape to a square shape, which lacks a sense of movement. In order to highlight the sense of movement, the first step in the A7 transformation S7 is to modify the exhaust. Bilateral round spring chrysanthemums are essential!


The exhaust upgrade is an important project for the fans to modify, in order to further improve the exhaust performance and the enjoyment of the hearing, so the choice of exhaust products is particularly important. Today is the case for the Audi A7 owner to modify the tail section of the CGW.

CGW is the abbreviation of CHINA GREAT WALL (China Great Wall). It is a self-developed exhaust brand. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been well-known in the field of automobile modification. The brand products with high performance-price ratio have won the fans' fans. Favor.

 The CGW has two models for the mid-end section of the Audi A7. In terms of appearance, both of these exhausts are designed to be more advanced with the times. In terms of material, high-quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel material is used. The surface matte process can increase the corrosion resistance of the product and prolong the service life. The fine welding technology makes the exhaust gas have long-lasting stability under high temperature and high pressure environment. The main difference between the two is the design of the tail nozzle. One tail has no outer wrapping, and the other has a black kit wrapped with a “CGW” logo. The owner can choose according to his or her preference.

  The CGW mid-end exhaust is designed with a variable valve. When the engine speed is low, the valve closes to produce a back pressure to keep the torque low. When the speed is increased, the valve opens to allow the exhaust gas to drain quickly and smoothly, achieving high-speed explosion. The flexible cooperation of the variable valve allows the engine to run smoothly under all kinds of road conditions, maintaining a good power output. It is worth mentioning that the variable valve can be controlled by Bluetooth, the technology is upgraded, and the operation is more convenient.

 Both the sound and the waves are suitable for both. If you want to experience passion driving, open the valve, and the sound of the sound is revealed. If you want to drive quietly, you can quietly close the valve. This freely controlled control gives the driver a more humane driving experience.


The CGW mid-end variable valve exhaust gives the A7 a high value and high performance, and also has the luxury dynamic of the S7. If you want to upgrade the exhaust system for your car, then CGW exhaust is your best choice!


CGW exhaust modification


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