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Different fireworks 718 Boxster changed CGW exhaust


Porsche is a world-renowned sports car brand. As a mid-mounted rear-end roadster, the Boxster series has always been a model of mavericks in the family, which was played in the 1950s and 1960s. And now it will usher in an innovation, the Porsche 718 Boxster debut, this pure-bred roadster is unique.

  The fascinating curve shape, the weight distribution of the front and rear axles of the model is **; in terms of power, the 718 Boxster uses a 2.0T engine, ** 221kW (300Ps), peak torque 380Nm, ** torque at 1500rpm Burst out. Small displacement, low fuel consumption, strong power, stylish and technical interiors and accessories make this sporty sports car combine safety and driving pleasure. ** Interprets the integration of people and vehicles.

  The Porsche 718 Boxster coexists with its value and performance, attracting the attention of sports car fans in the name of sports. In the trend of refitting the whole people, in order to pursue a safer and more comfortable driving experience, the modification of the exhaust system became the first option for the owner to upgrade.

The upgraded exhaust system can improve the power performance and satisfy the auditory enjoyment. The high-performance and high-performance exhaust brand of CGW is the best choice for fans. Today we bring the case of the car owner for the Porsche 718 Boxster** to replace the CGW exhaust.

The CGW has created a high-performance full-range exhaust for the Porsche 718 Boxster, which is the CGW** custom exhaust system. This exhaust system not only looks unique in appearance, but also excels in improving torsion. The Bluetooth valve control is smart and convenient; the thick, textured sound makes people full of desire.

 In terms of materials, the CGW is exhausted with high-quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel. The fine welding technology enables the exhaust to have long-lasting stability under high temperature and high pressure. The matte finish of the surface increases the corrosion resistance of the product and extends its service life.

  The matte effect of the entire sandblasting process is very textured. It removes the middle drum near the head section, improving sound and exhaust efficiency. At the same time, the two big-end drums near the carbon fiber tail are narrowed, and a variable valve is added to easily achieve a thick sound, and the competitive atmosphere is fully placed.

  The unique feature of this exhaust product is the Bluetooth valve control, which is transmitted and received by the Bluetooth signal, which is convenient and time-saving. It is so simple to let the car go from Sven to Wild!

  The CGW variable valve exhaust can control the opening and closing of the exhaust valve according to different engine speeds, and realize the control of the back pressure in the exhaust system. The flexible cooperation of the variable valve enables the engine to run smoothly under various road conditions, maintaining a good power output, and bringing a more humane driving experience to the owner.

 In terms of sound waves, the valve opens when the engine is turned high. While ensuring the exhaust air is smooth, the exhaustive sound of the exhausted sound is instantaneously high, and the horsepower of the vehicle is completely vented. Whether you are at home or going out to play, or fried streets, this CGW full-range exhaust can adjust the sound effect of the *** for the Porsche owners, cool in the end!


The CGW** custom-made exhaust system combines a cost-effective, high-performance, unique look with a rich, textured sound. If you want to upgrade your exhaust system for your car, then CGW exhaust is the best choice.


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