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Leopard selection Jaguar XE modified CGW valve exhaust


For a long time, the German luxury brand BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 have been the main players in the sports mid-size car market, and other products are difficult to compete with. With the launch of the Jaguar XE, with its young positioning, cool exterior design, and unspeakable sports talent, it has quickly attracted the attention of many consumers.

     This fledgling "sportsman" will directly target the BMW 3 Series as soon as it goes public. Everyone knows that the first few pioneers, especially the 3 series of modification cases, are endless, so the Jaguar XE, the little leopard, can finally get the acceptance of this part of the rider, and its own conversion potential is crucial.

But to say that the modification is not alone, it can be explained by white. This has to be achieved by some brands to launch the corresponding modified parts. At present, the modified parts for XE are still relatively small, but it does not mean that there is no. CGW, a domestic first-line brand that has always had a keen insight and product development capability for the market, has recently launched a professional exhaust system for Jaguar XE.

When it comes to the CGW brand, the modified fans will not be unfamiliar. Founded in 2009, the brand has been determined to become the leading brand of exhaust in China since its inception. Under the implementation of this concept, CGW has invested a lot in the research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of its products. Consumers bring high-quality exhaust products, and compared to the high price of some imported products, CGW's all this is achieved without the consumer having to invest too much.

This Jaguar XE exhaust product uses the most popular controllable valve technology. When the valve is closed, the internal pressure of the exhaust gas will be formed, so that the vehicle can be lifted with low twist. When driving in the urban area, there is no need for the uncomfortableness of the breath due to the low twist loss, and the sound is very close to the original. The effect of the factory will not cause the consequences of disturbing the people. When the valve is opened, the low and thick exhaust sounds are instantaneously high, and the horsepower of the vehicle is completely vented. With the continuous increase of adrenaline, the title of the high-performance sports coupe is deserved.

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