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Sound waves perfect Maserati president changed CGW custom exhaust


 Maserati has always been synonymous with luxury cars, and the president (Quattroporte) is a world-class luxury car. The president of Maserati is the sedans of the Ferrari Maserati Group. It has the pedigree and excellent dynamics. It is highly praised by a large number of celebrities, movie stars and royal families. It is also the royal car of the Italian Prime Minister and government officials.

President of Maserati, a family of sportsmen

As a car with a sports car pedigree, the president can see the elements of the sports car everywhere, the low-resistance body, excellent power and handling, fully equipped with all the standards of the sports car, but the details are not enough, for this CGW special The exclusive exhaust of Maserati's president was introduced to further give the president the feeling of a sports car. Although the original exhaust sound is quite dynamic, but after all, it is built on the starting point of the luxury car, and it is soft in the sound adjustment. This CGW exhaust is specially developed for the owners who want to pursue the sports car sound.

Maserati's original factory exhaust pipe diameter is fine

President of CGW Maserati exhausts, the pipe diameter is thicker, the sound is sweeter, and the matte process is more resistant to corrosion.

The special exhaust of CGW Maserati adopts the design of bilateral four-out, supplemented by carbon fiber tail nozzle. The whole body is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It has strong rust and corrosion resistance. The craftsmanship with metal matte is extraordinary. The entire exhaust connection position is made of pure manual scales. Welding ensures the quality of the exhaust pipe and the reliability of its use. Both the quality of work and the actual effect can be compared with the high-end exhaust of foreign countries.

Maserati President Original Exhaust

CGW Maserati President exhaust support original installation position installation, carbon fiber tail mouth modification is more grade

CGW is a popular brand in the domestic automobile modification market in recent years. Since their establishment in 2009, they have quickly occupied the domestic exhaust modification market in just 6 years with good product quality, and they are favored by the modified players. Always adhere to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" as the concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build China's exhaust modified first-line brand. CGW's exhaust products are not only **, but also reasonably priced, which is the ** brand of domestic modified players to modify the car.

CGW exhaust quality is superior, sound waves

CGW exhaust upper body Maserati President

CGW brand exhaust is based on good product quality. Each product development has been carefully calculated and tested by the CGW team to achieve dynamic sound quality and good power release. Now CGW has developed intelligent variable valve exhaust, all-titanium alloy valve exhaust and other products to fully meet the higher requirements of customers. A friend interested in the exclusive exhaust of this CGW Maserati president may wish to contact Shanghai Hao Li.

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