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Follow the competitive bloodline Porsche Cayenne modified CGW exhaust


 Porsche has always been adhering to the family's sports pedigree and track spirit, cutting-edge technology and aesthetically elegant design style  integrated in each model. Even the SUV positioning Cayenne is not inferior, without the angular and round body design, following the Porsche super-running aerodynamic philosophy, the family never lacks the sense of movement with elegant and unique temperament, which makes Cayenne a Porsche. Classic masterpiece.

Porsche Cayenne

Due to the origin of the sports family, the Cayenne is positioned in the luxury SUV but inevitably has many sports car characteristics. The word Cayenne comes from Spanish, meaning pepper, as the world's fast-moving off-road vehicle, the Cayenne is external or connotation. Both are hot, but for some more demanding owners, there are still many places to upgrade and upgrade, such as the original exhaust system. Although the Cayenne has a coveted extraordinary power, it is necessary to compromise on cost and comfort. The original design of luxury is also difficult to make the Cayenne emit a thick exhaust sound that matches its performance. Anyone who wants to be dissatisfied in this regard may wish to modify a set of high-performance exhaust gas to completely release his power performance.

CGW exhaust

The domestic first-line brand CGW has recently developed a professional exhaust system for the Porsche Cayenne. When it comes to the CGW brand, the modified fans will not be unfamiliar. Founded in 2009, the brand has been determined to become the leading brand of exhaust in China since its inception. Under the implementation of this concept, CGW has invested a lot in the research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of its products. Consumers bring high-quality exhaust products, and compared to the high price of some imported products, CGW's all this is achieved without the consumer having to invest too much.

CGW's controllable valve exhaust for the Porsche Cayenne

The exhaust gas developed for this Porsche Cayenne is now the most popular * controllable valve exhaust. When the valve is closed, the internal pressure of the exhaust gas will be formed, so that the vehicle can be lifted with low twist, and the driving in the urban area does not cause the unpleasantness of the breath due to the loss of the low twist. When the valve is opened, the exhaust sound is instantaneously high, and the horsepower of the vehicle is completely vented. With the continuous increase of adrenaline, Porsche is truly returning to the "driver's car".

Sophisticated materials and elegant craftsmanship

Of course, excellent exhaust products rely on sophisticated materials. CGW exhaust products are made of SUS304 stainless steel, the current high-end exhaust* mainstream material. This material is highly resistant to corrosion and works at low temperatures, room temperature and high temperature. It has good toughness under the environment, and at the same time it can guarantee light weight, which is unmatched by the bulky original exhaust. Based on the guarantee of excellent materials, the production process of CGW exhaust is also exquisite. The even and even welding technology guarantees the smoothness of the exhaust gas. Thanks to years of R&D and manufacturing experience, CGW has very detailed analysis and design experience for the specific exhaust of certain models, further ensuring that each model is provided. * Convenient, * Clean and original position installed excellent exhaust system.

Porsche Cayenne modified CGW exhaust

Of course, the CGW will not let go. The exhaust of the two sides of the two sides is a moving and thick sound, the audio will not be too high, people feel the eardrum and pain, and it will not be too low and dull, so that the professional and rich voice can really match. From a pure Porsche of competitive blood.

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