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People will run but the car will always be your CGW most beautiful car owner


 * The recent divorce of Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong has become a hot spot for various online media. From this incident, we can see that in today's society where material desires are flowing, feelings are sometimes really fragile. It seems that nothing is Immortal. If you also play with the car, even if the people around you will leave, but your car will not leave you alone. Today our protagonist is a 220iM sports version of Estor Blue and her beauty host.

Handsome pony and its beauty host

The 3 series, which used to be between home and sports, has slowly moved towards comfort, but we are fortunate that we have ushered in 2 series, short and fine styling, front and rear drive layout, practical four seats. It seems to be a good receiver for the 3rd E90 mission.

Open the canopy and feel the wind whistling through the ear

Since it is a small sports car, it has to be advertised. The open top is of course an indispensable weapon. The combination of the three elements of the convertible, M-enclosed and Estor Blue is simply **. Chinese people pay attention to the balance of yin and yang, with external beauty, nature can not be true, otherwise a convertible has only a fierce appearance, but with a home interior is too uncoordinated, M sports version of the red interior is full of sports atmosphere , red and blue,

Be careful to burn your hands.

There is no fascinating appearance, no moving sound, that is not enough, the beautiful car owner replaced her car with a set of CGW exhaust, a total of four exhausts replaced the original factory seems to have some "price drop" single-sided single exhaust , let the original monotonous car tail have a big look, and the sound wave is also an Lv compared to the original factory.

  Have you seen such a beautiful beauty and such a handsome car? In order to shoot this group of photos, the beautiful sun is posing on the hot body. I heard that the legs are still hot, but for your beloved car, everything is worth it!

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