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Audi A3 1.4T changed to CGW variable valve tail exhaust


* Nearly, the Audi A3 has been released, which is a big surprise for Audi fans. The new Audi A3 adopts the Audi ** family style design, the shape is closer to the A4L, and the configuration and function have also been upgraded. However, for the owners of the current Audi A3, there is nothing to regret and envy, because we have to modify this "pit" to enter.

New Audi A3

The 16 A3s are stylish, precise and full of technology. In particular, a multi-striped hub and a sexy little antenna with a high-gloss chrome trim strip add to the side of the body. 1.4T model ** power 110 kW, peak torque 250 Nm / 1750-3000 rpm, although not comparable to 1.8T push back feeling, but the performance is not bad. By modifying a good mid-end segment, you can enjoy more powerful power and fascinating sounds, and the value can be further improved. Today, we brought the case of the tail section exhaust in the CGW variable valve modified by the Audi A3 1.4T.

Today's master is this "Saohong" Audi A3 1.4T, is the side very charming? After the modification of the CGW's bilateral four-out mid-end segment, it will be more aggressive and dynamic!

According to the owner, * finally decided to start the CGW brand, one is because CGW (CHINA GREAT WALL China Great Wall) is a high-performance exhaust modification brand, good reputation, high cost performance, and second is to support domestic. At present, the domestic brand exhaust products have made great progress in all aspects of workmanship and performance, and the recognition in the owners is still very high.

  The reason why the owner chooses the variable valve exhaust is mainly to be able to flexibly apply different scenarios. When the night is quiet or when carrying a family or a customer, the valve is closed, and only one back pressure is exhausted, and the sound is about the same size as the original factory. When you want to blow the street cool, open the valve, the two tail sections work at the same time, the exhaust gas is straight out and venting, the sound is fascinating and fascinating, which can give you enough driving passion. A major feature of CGW exhaust products is the balance between exhaust sound and efficiency. You can have great expectations for its sound waves!

 As can be seen from the picture, the Audi A3 1.4T has a high value of tail exhaust and is also very delicate in workmanship. Made of **SUS30 stainless steel, it has the advantages of good stability, long life and light weight. Surface frosting greatly increases wear resistance and corrosion. The even and uniform precision welding technology makes the pipe wall smooth and unobstructed, and sufficient exhaust gas to vent out, which can make Audi "small steel gun" play more horsepower. The bright bilateral four-tailed mouth, eye-catching and domineering, not only enhances the visual experience of the Audi A4, but also is more robust and durable.


CGW brand exhaust is based on good product quality. Each product development has been carefully calculated and tested by the CGW team to achieve dynamic sound quality and good power release. The production process, technical level and service quality of the products have reached the domestic leading level and are trusted by the majority of peers and riders.



CGW launched the Audi A3 1.4T variable valve mid-end exhaust products, with a fascinating sound, excellent workmanship and design sense, the performance is improved immediately, and the price is very attractive. If you want the car Audi A3 1.4T to compete with the new style, in all aspects "to a higher level", the modified CGW variable valve in the tail section will be a good choice!


CGW exhaust modification


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