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Passionate! Range Rover Sport Edition changed CGW valve exhaust



The luxury SUV Land Rover Range Rover Sport is not only wild, but also powerful and off-road. Sharp LED headlights and a larger air intake grille, confident and full of sporty qualities. The whole car is simple and clear, strong and tough, and it looks like a stylish tough guy. In terms of performance, the “tough guy” is to upgrade the driving experience, control and agility to a new level: spacious and comfortable inside the car, wide vision; new 3.0T V6 engine power 澎湃; with 8-speed automatic gearbox, let the driving more arbitrary .


Although it is an SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition still gives a great desire to convert. Wanting to let the "tough guy" release the wildness better does not mean that the power system must be complicated to move the knife, and the modified exhaust can play a good lifting effect.

The exhaust system is modified to allow the exhaust gas remaining in the combustion chamber to be discharged more quickly and smoothly, thereby quickly and completely inhaling fresh air. The combustion efficiency is improved and the power performance is better.

 Fine and smooth modification of the tail section, compared to the rough original exhaust, can not only improve the exhaust efficiency, but also effectively improve the sound waves. Today we are bringing the case of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport version to the rear section of the CGW variable valve.

  The reason for choosing CGW for this exhaust is to use materials and workmanship. CGW Land Rover Range Rover Sport version of the variable valve in the tail section, regardless of the pipeline, the drum body or the internal structure of the drum body, are made of superior SUS304 stainless steel material, SUS304 material is thickened to 2MM, strong and durable, excellent stability. The internal sound-absorbing material of the drum body is imported environmentally-friendly glass fiber cotton. The high-quality materials make the sound of the exhaust gas more solid, thick and no noise.

  The pipe is bent by imported CNC bending equipment, smooth and unobstructed; the interface uses internal and external double-sided welding and fish scale welding points to ensure the aesthetic and durability of the exhaust. In addition, the exhaust uses CNC mechanical cutting flanges, and the installation position is fine, which can effectively prevent air leakage.

  As can be seen from the picture, this Land Rover Range Rover Sport version is designed for a total of four sides, stylish and domineering, more dynamic! The matte finish of the surface not only improves the texture and color, but also makes the exhaust products more resistant to corrosion.

 Secondly, the design of the variable valve makes the luxury SUV Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition able to release the wildness according to the local conditions, in line with the current mainstream demand of the owners. In the crowded city roads, the valve is closed, and a back pressure is exhausted to obtain the same "moving and static" as the original factory, so as not to provoke a strange vision. When you go out alone or want to blow up the street to play cool, the valve is wide open, the two tail sections work at the same time, the exhaust gas vents out, the passion of driving and the wild sounds follow.

 CGW exhaust according to the Land Rover Range Rover Sport version of the original car chassis design position, flange joints, hook position and pipeline position, etc. are 100% consistent with the original car. **The original position design eliminates the need for any cutting and welding, which increases the simplicity and flexibility of the modification.



Passionate driving, both static and dynamic. Although CGW is not as well-known as the international ** exhaust products, but the quality is excellent, attention to detail, and can also cater to the needs of consumers, it is worth considering the exhaust brand. For those who are interested in the rear section of this Range Rover Sport CGW variable valve, you can contact Shanghai Hao Li Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for consultation, I believe it will not let you down.


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