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CGW-Audi A8 mid-end valve exhaust


If you can understand why there are cars like the Audi S8, BMW M760, Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, then you can understand why someone will change this D-class car...

There is an official performance guide in the above direction, the owners of such cars will have an idea, the first is not all D-class car owners are pure business people, the second is not such cars all the time The driver is driving, and occasionally he comes to sit in the driver's seat. At that time, your request for them must not be as comfortable as it is.

The power configuration of this type of car will not be bad, but it is not always easy to understand the power in the original state. The comfortable and quiet driving environment will distract your attention. At this time, if the exhaust behind the body can stand up and say "two words", then the power and driving pleasure of the car may be manifested at once.

Audi A8 3.0T owners look over, your gentle turbine V6 has been saved, CGW for the 3.0T A8 launched this valve with the mid-end section of the exhaust, installed him, V8 will cry, W12 will be silent . Obviously this is a set of exhaust sound solutions for the main sound, and the valve is evidence of **. Valves appear to a greater extent for sound. To achieve different exhaust sound performance in different driving environments, praise for his artifact is not excessive, especially for modified cars like the A8, to show several identities. The inevitable thing, so the valve is almost a must-have configuration. The CGW valve also comes with a vacuum control box for easy installation. The exhaust has six drum designs, two in the middle, and two pairs in the tail section. The valve controls the exhaust gas to form different sounds through different paths. The tail mouth is used in the original factory, it is a ** tune, and you don't have to worry about performance improvement. The large enough diameter and reasonable drum layout can completely release the power of 3.0T V6.

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