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Release the nature of Mustang upgrade CGW valve exhaust


The Ford Mustang, one of the typical representative models of the American muscle car culture, has been constantly appearing in many Hollywood blockbusters, making fans obsessed. With the passage of the times, the Mustang has undergone many changes. Although many changes have taken place in the styling, the savage and violent essence unique to the Mustang has been preserved.

Ford Mustang 2.3T modified CGW exhaust

  With its outstanding design and abundant power, the Mustang has attracted many players. Most people's influence on the wild horse is often self-sufficient, but now it is already a world of turbines. The 2.3T version of the Mustang is also more intimate. Although the 2.3T is four cylinders less than the 5.0V8, it can be adjusted to make the sound wave close to V8. It is necessary to replace the high-performance exhaust in this process.

CGW Mustang 2.3T tail section exhaust

* Nearly, the domestic high-performance exhaust modified brand CGW has created a high-performance mid-end exhaust for the Ford Mustang 2.3T. Not only in the shape is different from other brands of exhaust products, but also unique in the sound waves, the wild horse's violent nature released. In terms of appearance, this type of exhaust is designed with a bilateral four-out design, which is more radical than the original bilateral double-out. In terms of material, high-quality SUS304 stainless steel is used, and the surface frosting process plays a very good role in corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the exhaust.

Exhaust surface matte treatment

Exhaust tail drum with special circuit design

Variable valve design

CGW is not only perfect in appearance, but also meticulous in the handling of details. Joint welding**, exquisite workmanship, ** match the original installation position. **The characteristic is the design of the tail section. The curved design has been repeatedly tested and matched with the unique tail drum, which not only provides good back pressure, but also makes the sound thick and not noisy. The design of the variable valve fully takes into account the needs of the daily car, and the noise is also controlled by the hands.

CGW exhaust nozzle

Exhaust loading display

The sense of technology has always been pursued by CGW, and mobile phones have become a necessity for popular life. CGW cleverly integrates the functions of mobile phones into the exhaust system. The new CGW's “Black Technology” mobile APP control system can control the opening and closing of the valve at any time, with a simple interface design, and the exhaust sound can be adjusted by touching the finger. The mobile APP and the on-board controller are two-pronged to enhance driving pleasure. For those interested in this CGW Mustang 2.3T variable valve exhaust, you can contact us by the following methods.

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