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3 Series Powerful Competitor Modified Circle Luxury Sports Model ATS



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3 Series Powerful Competitor Modified Circle Luxury Sports Model ATS

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In the domestic luxury mid-size car market, BBA has always occupied a dominant position. The A4, 3 series and C-level each have their own strengths, each forming a distinct product positioning. Among them, the BMW 3 Series is a natural sportsman. With the launch of the Cadillac ATS in 2013, the 3 Series has been strongly impacted by new rivals. It is also a front-mounted rear drive, also a 2.0 high-power turbocharger, ATS has Gradually captured the hearts of the pursuit of sports drivers.

Cadillac ATS

The Cadillac ATS is a young and energetic model in the history of the Cadillac family. Its design concept is agile and light, and everything is worth the driver's favor. Its appearance has clearly defined its own goals, and it has also set off a series of contrasting frenzy. Who is the luxury sports coupe?

       I don’t know how to control the power. In fact, ATS lost space, but now the emergence of domestic ATS-L has made up for this deficiency. In the new car sales market, the BMW 3 Series and the ATS-L two old rivals have started a new contest; in the car modification industry, many excellent modification cases of ATS are also launching a new round of challenges to the big brother.

ATS upper body VOSSEN VFS-1 wheel

Multiple spoke designs highlight sporty temperament

Since the ATS is an athletic coupe, the handling requirements are naturally not casual, and it is necessary to equip it with an excellent wheel. Rather than lifting the performance parameters, it is not as good as reducing the load on the wheel of the vehicle. The lightweight wheel can reduce the unsprung mass and provide a better control experience for the vehicle. At the same time, the artistic wheel enhances the temperament of the vehicle.

Large size wheel** visual impact

Gun gray painting matches body **

VOSSEN's VFS series is such a wheel product with both aesthetic and solid quality. The VFS-1 series wheels are made by spin casting. Spinning is actually a quite unique wheel manufacturing technology. The rims produced are of high strength and light weight, and have the same attributes as forged wheels.

Aibach short spring and anti-roll bar upper body ATS

The modified circle is often popular with "a low cover and ugly, and a hundred changes to the first". For ATS, having a posture close to the ground and a lower driving posture is undoubtedly a hard indicator for the king of the same level. There are many ways to reduce the posture of the body. It is common to modify the suspension system. It is simple and easy to change a short spring.

Aibach ATS special short spring
Aibach anti-roll bar, iconic red paint

Chassis height drops by two finger width

Ebbach from Germany is the world's leading spring manufacturer, this time bringing a short spring product developed specifically for ATS. With its cutting-edge technology from the racing car, it can effectively reduce the chassis height of ATS and achieve better handling performance. . In addition to the high-performance short spring and the original shock absorber**, the anti-roll bar is one of the main components of the suspension system, which is the finishing touch for the handling performance of the Cadillac ATS. With an adjustable shaft, the driver can adjust the stabilizer bar effect according to driving preferences.

CGW Cadillac ATS mid-end valve exhaust

Cadillac ATS is very tough with its family-style design. The headlights are sharp and the body is sharp and angular. It can be said that the value of this is completely in line with the requirements of the coupe. In terms of sound waves, the original exhaust is obviously softer. It is necessary to choose a set of exhaust systems.

CGW straight through section

CGW with three-way catalytic head

Two-way total exhaust design with valve unit

As the leader of the domestic exhaust gas refit brand, CGW has been relying on its strong research and development capabilities for many years, and its products have covered most of the models on the market. This time, CGW has launched a full-stage exhaust system for the ATS model. The new CGW Cadillac ATS special exhaust is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The whole body is made of matte coating technology, supplemented by a bright polished tail nozzle, which has a very good performance in corrosion resistance. The highlight of the exhaust ** is the design of the variable valve. It is equipped with CGW special valve control equipment. The valve is easy to open and close, and the sound is fascinating.

Bright polished tail

The sense of technology has always been pursued by CGW, and mobile phones have become a necessity for popular life. CGW cleverly integrates the functions of mobile phones into the exhaust system. The new CGW's “Black Technology” mobile APP control system can control the opening and closing of the valve at any time, with a simple interface design, and the exhaust sound can be adjusted by touching the finger. The mobile APP and the on-board controller are two-pronged to enhance driving pleasure.

CGW Bluetooth Control System

Dare to challenge the BMW 3 Series, which is focused on control, such a strong opponent, Cadillac ATS is not a mouth-watering, it does have excellent performance and strong conversion potential without losing 3 series, plus more and more ATS modified products on the market. I believe that it will not be long before ATS will become the leader in the car modification industry.

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