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"Study for school" Xiaobai 86 modified CGW variable valve exhaust


Not long ago, the article "Tengyuan Tofu Shop" was demolished and almost occupied the circle of friends who loved the car culture. The term "Fujiu Tofu Shop" does not mean how delicious the tofu is in the store. It represents the car modification. One of the imprints of drift, a "headline D" comics did not know how many teenagers, after growing up, resolutely played a car. In their minds, cars no longer represent travel tools, but also playmates and brothers. Everyone is more or less envious of Fujiwara's car skills in Qiu Mingshan, but also wants to have a AE86 around him. However, AE86 has not waited until these teenagers become the backbone of society, and they have been discontinued.

Xiaobai Toyota 86

Although the AE86 has gone, we have also ushered in another heavy-duty model, the GT86. It is a topic of AE orthodox successor to throw GT. I have to say that the GT86 has won many cars with more radical appearance and control. The heart of the fans. The Toyota 86 has endless potential for conversion, which is believed to have been agreed by everyone, which means that this sports car has a variety of gameplay.

The thick four-exhaust exhaust pipe explores the body and looks even more heroic.

How can the exhaust be less if you want to play well? * Nearly there is a simple "school use" Xiaobai 86 modified CGW valve exhaust system, let us take a look at how the effect after the modification.

Four out of product design, the exhaust is smoother than the original factory

CGW exhaust brand was founded in 2008, the company has always adhered to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build China's exhaust modified first-line brand, and in the implementation of this concept, CGW in The research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of products have always accounted for a large proportion. In terms of materials, CGW has always insisted on using high-quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel materials. Seiko welding ensures long-lasting stability of exhaust gas in high temperature and high pressure environment. Surface frosting greatly increases wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Car sticker for school, CGW brand LOGO on the tail throat

In addition, the variable valve is also a major advantage of the CGW company's unique step martial arts. This model of the Toyota GT86 exhaust products of course also uses the current * popular controllable valve technology. When the valve is closed, the internal pressure of the exhaust gas will be formed, so that the vehicle can be lifted with low twist. When driving in the urban area, there is no need for the uncomfortableness of the breath due to the low twist loss, and the sound is very close to the original. The effect of the factory will not cause the consequences of disturbing the people. When the valve is opened, the low and thick exhaust sounds are instantaneously high, and the horsepower of the vehicle can be completely vented. Whether it's going to school or buying food, or fried streets, this exhaust can adjust the sound effect for the GT86!

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