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Don't be passionate when you are calm? BMW 5 Series exhausts with CGW


 In the medium and large-sized car market, there are not many players competing in the competition, but the killing between them is fierce and unusual. Especially the civil war between the top three Germans has been going on for many years. A6L is deeply rooted in the aura of many years. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also fully integrated with its own introverted and elegant brand image. What is the 5 series under the blue sky and white clouds? People who know the car naturally know that the essence of BMW is control and movement. Although the 5 Series is the main business, the control and movement are still the best in the same class, especially in the home, there is also a sportsman---M5. Benchmarking allows you to imitate!

CGW adapter BMW 5 series valve exhaust system

Thanks to the special relationship with the big brother M5, the current 5 series modification can be said to be everywhere, and many M5 jackets make you look more like "big brother." However, if you only change the appearance, it seems to give people the feeling of "East Effect", so the performance has to be put on the agenda. Of course, even if you do not change the appearance, performance improvement is necessary, for example, the sound of exhaust The promotion is a beautiful movement for the car lovers who love to modify.

Exquisite workmanship represents the interpretation of the brand

Surface matte treatment, very textured, and improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Referring to the 5 series of exhaust products recommended, the editor learned that the domestic brand CGW introduced the modified valve exhaust may be a good choice, CGW exhaust should be familiar with everyone, as a focus on creating cost-effective exhaust domestic brands Since its inception, with many years of conversion experience and high-quality modified products, CGW has accumulated a certain reputation and users in the modification industry, and its ability to persist and occupy a place for many years is also a symbol of its strength.

The body is engraved with brand LOGO and nameplate

Intelligent remote control valve and control system

CGW exhaust brand was founded in 2008, the company has always adhered to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build China's exhaust modified first-line brand, and in the implementation of this concept, CGW in The research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of products have always accounted for a large proportion. And the choice of materials and manufacturing process does not lose the same level of foreign brands.


The material is made of high quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel. The precision welding ensures the long-term stability of the exhaust gas in high temperature and high pressure environment. The surface frosting treatment also greatly increases the wear resistance and corrosion degree. The design of the two sides has played a very important role in improving the exhaust performance. And equipped with a smart valve of their own hands, let the sound waves want to be a sporty man, when you want to be quiet, you will be a quiet and beautiful man.

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