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Domestic boutique Kia K5 loaded CGW variable valve exhaust


Kia K5 installs CGW exhaust

In recent years, Korean cars have a place in the Chinese market with good price/performance ratio and excellent exterior design, and Yueda Kia K5 is one of them. The K5 is a sporty new mid-size sedan designed by Peter Schreyer, one of the world's top three car designers. The K5 is more stylish and dynamic with its high waistline and strong tension.

As users continue to compete, many users have begun to ask for more performance requirements, while the business has also noticed the need for this, and developed a number of modified products for K5.

In general, foreign brands have a long period of time in the development of non-hot modified car products. Domestic brands are more flexible and can respond faster to the market. Today we are introducing CGW exhaust from a domestic exhaust brand.

Kia K5 installs CGW exhaust

CGW exhaust brand was founded in 2008, the founder has always adhered to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build China's exhaust modified first-line brand, and in the implementation of this concept, CGW in The research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of products have always accounted for a large proportion. From K5 exhaust, we can see that the material is made of high quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel material. Seiko welding ensures the long-term stability of the exhaust gas under high temperature pressure environment. The surface frosting treatment greatly increases the wear resistance and corrosion degree.

Kia K5 installs CGW exhaust

In terms of styling, the K5 adopts a bilateral four-out design, which can be combined with the original tail lip for easy and simple installation. In addition, the exhaust product adopts the current * popular controllable valve technology. When the valve is closed, the internal pressure of the exhaust gas will be formed, so that the vehicle can be lifted with low twist. When driving in the urban area, there is no need for the uncomfortable situation caused by the low twist loss, and the sound is also very Close to the original effect. When the valve is opened, the low and thick exhaust sounds are instantaneously high, and the horsepower of the vehicle is completely vented.

For the performance of the sound wave or the words are difficult to express, friends who are interested in this exhaust can look at the following video or contact the brand supplier.

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