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Performance appearance upgrades A7 change CGW valve exhaust



If you want to choose the beautiful Audi model, I think I will vote for A7, A7 is not only beautiful, but also beautiful. The wide and slender body has a very unique flavor. Of course, if you just ignore it because it is too beautiful, it can be slightly superficial. In fact, A7 is a very powerful player.

Although * near Audi announced the addition of the A7 of the 1.8T engine, the reduction is allowed to enter, after all, power and environmental protection can not have both. But when it comes to the heart that matches the shape of the A7, it has to be an engine with a 3.0-liter V6 supercharged steam that can explode more than 300 horsepower. Only such an A7 can be considered a sportsman. Gallop on the road can be domineering.

New Audi A7 exhaust

The 16-year-old Audi A7 has been improved in terms of exhaust, although the power may shrink, but the momentum is even more domineering, but for many owners before, it is estimated that most of the exhaust is the same as the following, even if it is 3.0 Displacement of A7.

Old Audi A7 exhaust

It does not match this dynamic appearance, so for the old A7, you may wish to try to replace the exhaust, in addition to the performance improvement, the appearance can certainly meet your needs.

A7 modified CGW exhaust

This time, the recommended 4W double-valve exhaust of the tail section of the RS7 for the 3.0 model introduced by the CGW. CGW exhaust should be familiar to everyone. As a domestic brand focusing on creating cost-effective exhaust, since its establishment, CGW has accumulated a certain reputation and users in the modification industry with years of modification experience and high-quality modification products. Being able to stick to it and occupy a place of origin is also a symbol of its strength.

CGW exhaust

Audi A series models have a good reference to the S or RS series. The A7 exhaust also refers to the RS7 model. The original double-double output is changed to bilateral four-out. The material is made of high-quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel. The surface is bright and corrosion resistant. Each product development has been carefully calculated and tested by the CGW team to achieve dynamic sound quality and a good power release.

A7 modified CGW exhaust

As for the exhaust version, you can choose to have a valve with or without a valve. Here I suggest that it is better to choose a version with a gate. If you go home in the middle of the night, turn off the valve and the original size of the sound, you don’t have to worry about throwing it upstairs. beer bottle. And if there is a need and permission, you can open the valve to enjoy the low and thick sound.

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