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CGW pushes Mercedes-Benz CLA200 special variable valve exhaust



In the history of the Mercedes family, the CLA can be said to be a *young model, developed to fill the gap in the four-door coupe. The CLA has a gorgeous appearance, and the smooth and beautiful roof curve extends to the rear of the car. The design of the double waist line on the side has no loss of strength, and combines the sense of speed and strength to fully conform to the positioning of its sports coupe.

The owner of the Mercedes-Benz CLA that locates the movement must be a young and individualized group. These people must have high requirements for the performance of the vehicle. To truly show the sports performance of the CLA, the original soft exhaust is obviously not satisfied. The well-known exhaust brand CGW has developed a variable valve exhaust system for CLA to further enhance the sportiness of CLA.


CGW Mercedes-Benz CLA200 variable valve exhaust

CGW is a popular brand in the car modification market in recent years. Since its establishment in 2009, they have quickly occupied the domestic exhaust modification market in just 6 years with good product quality, and they are favored by the modified players. Their variable valve exhaust products not only have the performance **, but also the price is reasonable, which is the ** brand of the domestic modified players to modify the car.

Durable surface for durabilityFtkB8yZi_Zb4Aqx4URHhdOmiNlIT.jpg

Featured tail drum rib design, greatly increasing mechanical strength and reducing resonance

The CGW Mercedes-Benz CLA200 exhaust is still designed with a variable valve, which can control the opening and closing of the valve at any time during daily driving, resulting in a more humane driving experience. The material is made of high quality SUS304 industrial grade stainless steel. The precision welding ensures the long-term stability of the exhaust gas under high temperature pressure environment. The surface frosting treatment greatly increases the wear resistance and corrosion degree. This exhaust ** features a damper drum rib design that greatly increases mechanical strength to reduce resonance.

CGW exhaust supports the original installation position, saving time and convenienceThe quadrilateral original tail Tsui highlights the beauty of the original ecology

CGW exhausts the upper body, making the CLA200 more sporty

CGW brand exhaust is based on good product quality. Each product development has been carefully calculated and tested by the CGW team to achieve dynamic sound quality and good power release. All titanium alloy valve exhaust has been developed to meet the higher requirements of customers. Friends interested in this Mercedes-Benz CLA200 dedicated exhaust may wish to contact Shanghai Hao Li.

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