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Considering environmental protection CGW with high flow catalytic exhaust recommended



Car modification has been on the rise in China for some time, even if it is not as developed as abroad. However, it is an indisputable fact that people have become more and more aware of the modification. Take the exhaust, in the past, regardless of whether the noise pollution is blindly pursuing the sound, now it is beginning to realize the pursuit of performance to reduce noise. Especially in today's increasingly severe emission standards, many conversion enthusiasts have begun to realize that the conversion is also environmentally friendly.

We know that the original exhaust of the car has three-way catalysis, but in order to take into account environmental protection and cost, the original three-way catalytic converter generally uses a ceramic catalyst network with a relatively high density, and its aperture density is small. The density of the original car is generally 700 to 900 mesh to form a large resistance, slowing the flow rate of the exhaust gas. Therefore, when the modification is carried out, the three-way catalysis is often removed, so that the exhaust gas is smooth.

For players who want to balance environmental protection and want to improve exhaust, we strongly recommend CGW with high-flow three-way catalytic exhaust.


CGW BMW 535 exhaust modification (BMW 640 and X6 are also applicable)

For the larger displacement models such as the BMW 535, the exhaust modification can often bring a lot of performance improvements. However, in order to save costs, many exhaust gases often contain high-flow catalysis to contain HC (hydrocarbons), NOx (nitrogen oxides), and CO (carbon monoxide). These harmful gases are discharged outside the vehicle without any purification.


CGW BMW 5 Series

To this end, CGW introduces a high-flow catalytic converter for the BMW 5 Series exhaust. Through the three-way catalytic converter, it can pass through a special purifying agent inside the reactor to generate a reduction chemical reaction to produce N2O, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen. Harmful gas. The CGW exhaust pore size is 300 mesh, and the back pressure generated by this number of three-way catalytic carriers is * reasonable starting point is obvious. It can improve power and pass environmental testing.


CGW5 system three-way catalysis

The CGW exhaust system is made of standard industrial SUS304 stainless steel with precision welding to ensure long-lasting stability of the exhaust gas under high temperature and pressure. The design of the muffler drum reinforcement greatly increases the mechanical strength to reduce resonance. Surface matte treatment greatly increases wear resistance and corrosion.

In addition, CGW high-flow catalysis uses a 300-mesh high-flow design with lower back pressure. Reduce the loss of power from the original three-way catalytic converter and obtain additional power output. Improve power while ensuring emissions of raw car pollutants.


CGW535i three-way catalysis

CGW exhaust brand was founded in 2008. Since its inception, it has been adhering to the concept of “Chinese own modified brand”. All of them are brand-oriented and determined to build a first-line brand of China's exhaust gas modification. Under the CGW, the CGW has invested a lot in the research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of its products. It is expected to bring high-quality exhaust products to domestic consumers, and all this is achieved without the consumer paying too much. CGW has high requirements for product research and development, and strictly controls the quality of products, so that consumers can use products that satisfy themselves. For those who have more pursuits of modification, you may wish to call CGW to purchase suitable exhaust.

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