Automobile exhaust pipe modification method and steps


Today's *** modified parts should be the intake and exhaust of the car! For refitting enthusiasts who are looking for passion and speed, hearing the roar of a car can instantly make your blood flow faster. You can increase the return rate of your car on the road and let all passers-by look at you. But it’s not a big voice, it runs fast. Some of the modified cars’ sounds are transmitted to your ears when they are far away, but they haven’t seen the car flying for a long time. ** Very disappointed to see a car “crawling” from you. Over.

Exhaust pipe modification steps / methods

1. Modification into the exhaust is not blindly to the inside of the money, there are many modified brands for different vehicle factions. Japanese cars generally use the very popular HKS intake and exhaust. If it is a European and American car, there will be other brands such as ABT to modify the vehicle. Just like playing basketball and playing football, it is impossible for football players to wear basketball shoes to compete. Therefore, the modification of the exhaust is also very particular, not a good brand will be suitable for their own car. It is only necessary to choose a modified piece that suits your car.


2. In fact, the exhaust is generally divided into straight row and back pressure. The straight-line sound is relatively larger and the caliber is larger, and the exhaust is smooth and suitable for high-speed driving. The sound of the back pressure is relatively smaller than the straight row. During the process of exhausting the exhaust pipe, a loop is effectively prevented to prevent the vehicle from being twisted. The sound will burst out when the speed reaches 2000-4000 rpm.


3. In the case of intake air, most naturally aspirated cars are recommended to use high flow style, because the effect is not obvious when using mushrooms or bellows. The high-flow style is chosen because of the fear of excessive gas storage after replacing the exhaust gas. For turbocharged cars, you must use mushrooms. This will ensure that the engine's intake air is sufficient to ensure the normal running of the vehicle.


4. The knowledge of the exhaust pipe is also very large, generally divided into the middle section of the head section (plantain, head coke) and the tail end. Each segment has its own different effects and ability to improve the performance of the vehicle. How to choose them is also very particular.


5. Head section: Generally speaking, we call it head coke or plantain. Changing the head coke generally improves the vehicle's dynamic performance. It is conservatively estimated that the replacement of the head coke may increase the horsepower by 10-20 horsepower. This is also the primary modification. A good way to improve your power. If you change the head focus, it may cause the exhaust sound to be louder. If you can't stand the noisy riders, it is not recommended to replace it!


6. This picture is a double-out mid-tail swallow drum, which is also the original exhaust pipe, which reduces the welding problem and directly installs the interface between the welding and the head coke. If you are very focused on exhausting, you may have to go through some careful calculations to burn your own exhaust pipe, or buy different brands of exhaust pipes for welding, the effect is very good. It is also more popular nowadays. Some riders use straight rows to pursue fascinating sound waves. The middle section will weld a back pressure hub to improve the power during low-twisting, which will enhance the vehicle's low-twisting power.


7. The choice of the end is * primary modification, when you fall in love with the modification must have lost its fascinating sound. It can completely indulge you in the roar of a car, just like listening to a wonderful performance. The size of the tail is not large, but it is the main source of sound. Just like the above mentioned riders can choose straight or back pressure drums, for the enthusiasts and modified riders can not only use 1 with the exhaust pipe, a "note" is impossible to meet them.

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