Modification of exhaust high sound waves


On the road, we whizzed past us, and there were more and more revamping cars. The high exhaust sound seemed to be one of the symbols of the modified car.

Young people want to get more cars when they buy a car, but they are too discreet to overhaul the car engine system, and all relatively simple exhaust pipe modifications become theirs. So what do we usually say about the modification of the exhaust pipe?

We generally refer to the exhaust system from the exhaust port connecting the combustion chamber, through the exhaust manifold, the middle section of the exhaust pipe to the end of the exhaust pipe, which is the entire exhaust gas discharge process. According to the four reciprocating motions of the car engine—intake, compression, work, and exhaust, if the exhaust system cannot quickly illuminate the exhaust gas after combustion, the next intake stroke must not be quickly and completely inhaled. Fresh air; especially the exhaust gas remaining in the combustion chamber at this moment, will also affect the next combustion efficiency, so that the power performance is naturally not ideal, which is the main purpose of modifying the exhaust system.

It is the main method to modify the exhaust system by replacing the head, middle and tail sections of the original vehicle exhaust system to make the engine exhaust more smoothly and improve the power. Since 80% of the original head section is a large number of cast iron products, the inner tube is rough and the lengths of the manifolds are different. The joining method, distance and shape are also not enough, so it is very easy to generate exhaust. Interference phenomenon. If you change a banana head, this situation can be greatly improved.

Exhaust pipe recommended

Spec titanium exhaust

Aspec titanium alloy exhaust has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. It still has high specific strength in the range of 150 °C ~ 500 °C, while the specific strength of aluminum alloy is obviously decreased at 150 °C. The corrosion resistance of titanium alloy is also much better than that of stainless steel. At the same time, because titanium alloys have a higher weight advantage, this means that the performance of the car can be further improved by lightweight means.

Japan Aike Rui high performance exhaust

ARQRAY selects the material, shape and specifications of the * for each model. This careful selection allows the ARQRAY to be more versatile with the smoothness of the engine and exhaust. It allows 100% of the personality and strength of every ARQRAY-equipped vehicle. In addition, ARQRAY also considers the actual driving situation, achieving a rare balance between daily driving and good performance output, which can make your car have a habit suitable for you.

Made of Japanese ** grade material, SUS304StainlessSteel stainless steel and titanium alloy material, through ARQRAY's superior craftsmanship, each product is like a work of art, presented to the world! Durability and completion are unquestionable

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