Electronic valve strikes CGW exhaust appears on GT Show


The development of China's automobile modification industry is very fast, and the types of exhaust modification have also increased, and the competition among different brands has also increased. As the leader in the exhaust brand, CGW was invited to participate in the 2017GT Show International Modified Auto Show.

CGW exhaust booth

CGW has consistently adhered to the "Chinese people's own modified brand" concept, all with the brand as the core, determined to build a first-line brand of China's exhaust gas modification, and in the implementation of this concept, CGW in the development of exhaust products and products A lot of control has been invested, and it has continuously brought high-quality exhaust products to domestic consumers.

  At this year's Suzhou GT Show International Modified Auto Show, the CGW brand brought you the electronic valve exhaust products. Compared with traditional valves, electronic valves are quicker to open and sound waves are freely retractable. It is understood that the CGW exhaust equipped with electronic valve control system is suitable for most high-end models, plug and play, greatly reducing installation and commissioning time, and more intelligent.

CGW electronic valve controller

CGW exhaust product display

In addition to electronic valve products, CGW also brought the BMW M4 and Porsche MACAN show cars, all equipped with ** electronic valve control exhaust.

 Speaking of this GT Show, Mr. Wu Gang said that for the independent exhibition of the re-election, the organization of the exhibition is very good, from the atmosphere of the scene can be seen, more and more people began to like the conversion culture Congratulations on the success of this exhibition, and wish that the future GT Show will be better and better, and CGW will continue to introduce more and higher technology products.

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