Chinese pride CGW unveiled 2016 Shenzhen AAITF


 From February 26 to 28, 2016, the 12th International Auto Service Exhibition AAITF was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition gathered a number of well-known modified parts brands from various industries at home and abroad. Shanghai Haoli Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with its well-known modified exhaust pipe brand CGW, made a high-profile appearance at the exhibition. The booth attracted many car modification enthusiasts and professional merchants to consult and pay attention to the products.

CGW booth at this AAITF exhibition

Speaking of the CGW brand of exhaust pipe, I believe that everyone is not very strange. In the eyes of many users, this is a very cost-effective brand. At the same time, CGW has a reasonable price, and its excellent product quality is also the characteristics of this brand. Since its establishment in 2009, CGW exhaust has had a very high domestic market share in the past 6 years, and has established a good reputation in the hearts of car owners. This is inseparable from CGW in production. Based on good product quality, the standard industrial SUS304 stainless steel material and precision welding are used to ensure the long-term stability of the exhaust gas under high temperature pressure environment.

There is a Nissan R35 GT-R modified exhibition car in the Ferrari City of Dongpu, which is eye-catching for the CGW booth.

In addition, CGW has always adhered to the concept of “Chinese people's own modified brand” at the beginning of its establishment. All of them are brand-oriented and determined to build a first-line brand of China's exhaust gas modification. Under the implementation of this concept, CGW has invested a lot in the research and development of exhaust products and the quality control of its products. It is expected to bring high-quality exhaust products to domestic consumers, and this is achieved without the consumer paying too much.

CGW exhaust product display

CGW is headquartered in Shanghai and has opened direct sales stores in Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing. In this regard, CGW has achieved great results in channel construction. In addition, we all know that in the Chinese market, the phenomenon of worshipping foreigners is very common, although sometimes people are not willing to admit it, but it is true when it is actually consumed. When we saw that CGW played the slogan "Chinese people's own modified brand", they also had to admire the courage of this brand, because at that time the domestic brands were almost synonymous with low quality and low price, it was possible to use this as a slogan. Need a lot of effort.

 Today, there are many excellent brands in China, and CGW is one of them. Although it is very difficult to establish a brand in China, CGW understands that this is also a very long-term investment and development process. Therefore, CGW has always had high requirements for product research and development, and strictly controls the quality of products. It is to let consumers use products that satisfy themselves.

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