CGW won the 2015 Integrity Enterprise Award in the conversion industry


Recently, several well-known domestic refit companies have won the 2015 annual reorganization of the China Automobile Aftermarket Association, China Automobile Refit Products Association, Cool Car Town and Beijing Brand Association in the annual refit industry held in Beijing Cool Car Town. Shanghai Honor (CGW) is one of the annual Integrity Corporate Awards.

Refit industry annual event
Mr. Wu Gang, founder of CGW, received the award

Winning company photo

CGW is a popular brand in the domestic automobile modification market in recent years. Since their establishment in 2009, they have quickly occupied the domestic exhaust modification market in just 7 years with good product quality, and they are favored by the modified players. CGW's exhaust products are not only **, but also reasonably priced, which is the ** brand of domestic modified players to modify the car.

Shanghai Hao Li Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Haoli Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (CGW Company), CGW is the abbreviation of China Great Wall, which symbolizes the quality and the great spirit of the Chinese nation. We firmly believe that with the concept of “Chinese people's own modified brand”, we will take the brand as the core and strive to build China* professional exhaust modification brand. Under the implementation of this concept, CGW has made a lot of investment in 2016, plus the professional management and technical research and development team, which is believed to be able to bring cost-effective and high-quality exhaust products to domestic consumers. !

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